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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is LPG?

    LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and is a petroleum product consisting of a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gas, primarily propane and butane, produced either from a crude oil refining process or extracted from natural gas.

  • What are the advantages of LPG?

    There are many advantages of LPG. From a practical point of view, LPG provides a safe, steady and reliable source of heat. Cooks prefer its controllability over other forms of fuel – its visible blue flame and 'instant on' properties give you total control in the kitchen. Also, it's one of the cleanest domestic fuel sources available.

  • Is LPG safe?

    When sourced from a reliable supplier, LPG is one of the safest available domestic fuel sources. At Emirates Gas, everything we do is focused on ensuring the safety of the gas we deliver. Our processing and bottling plants are certified to the highest international standards and meet the UAE national standard by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

    For more information, please visit our Safety Guide.

  • What is a Composite Cylinder?

    The composite cylinder introduced in the UAE by Emirates Gas team and is an innovation in gas cylinder manufacturing technology, where composite material is used instead of the traditional steel. These composite cylinders are convenient to use and have significant advantage with its lightweight. Another major advantage is once the cylinder is exposed to a fire, the composite structure develops millions of pinholes which allows the gas inside the cylinder to slowly escape and burn in a localized manner instead of exploding due to temperature build up as may happen with steel cylinders.

  • What about the environment?

    We are committed to continuous innovation to conserve the planet and enhance wellbeing of community.

    LPG is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels available today. It's clean burning, efficient and sustainable. It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions that just about any other domestic fuel source and produces no harmful or dangerous waste. 

  • Is LPG safe for Home?

    LPG from Emirates Gas is ideally suited for the home. Our cylinders are certified safe, highly portable and available on demand. Our gas lights immediately, and burns with a bright blue flame, giving you total control.

  • What do I do in case of leak?

    Emirates Gas LPG has a special added ingredient to help you detect leaks. In the rare event of leak and if you smell gas:

    • Immediately turn off all stoves.
    • Switch the regulators on all cylinders to the ‘Close’ or ‘Off’ position.
    • Do not turn electrical appliances on or off, as this may cause sparks.
    • Evacuate everyone from the building.
    • To check for leaks you can spray the cylinder valve with a soap solution (you can use washing-up liquid).

    In case of emergency, contact 800 EMGAS (800 36427) or 04 267 3232.

  • How do I order LPG cylinder refills or get a new connection from Emirates Gas?

    Our wide network of distributors is on hand to deliver the energy you need and are just a phone call away.

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